WDS - Working Dog System

90 tablets

90 tablets


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Working Dog System (WDS), brought to you by Bully Performance, is an all-natural supplement for your dog that has been scientifically proven to enhance mobility and vitality. WDS is an easy to digest supplement specially formulated for your show, racing, hunting and working dogs.


It helps support joint cartilage development, muscle efficiency, range of motion, circulation and energy levels. WDS also helps support bone growth, tissue healing and promotes the overall health for your dog.


WDS is a natural supplement made from New Zealand farm raised Deer Antler Velvet that has been verified in clinical trials to be safe and effective.


*DEER Antler Velvet - A natural way to support circulation and oxygenation during muscle development and energy recovery, supported by 2000 years of Chinese Medicine.
* Ginseng - a nutrient that allows your pet to naturally
adapt to stresses during performance.
* Green Lipped Mussel - a natural source of healthy joint
nourishment and total body wellness.
* Chondroitin Sulphate - a veterinarian recommended
mobility supplement for short and long-term use.
* Naturally occurring CALCIUM strengthens teeth and
*FISH POWDER EXTRACT - New Zealand Unagi from
New Zealand's pristine streams and lakes is rich in
Vitamins A and D, and Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids. Building
blocks for healthy bones, skin and coat.
*Always insist on the purity of Deer Velvet from New
Zealand. New Zealand is a GMO free and BSE free
country with some of the highest food safety and quality
standards for your dog.
**Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose,
treat or cure any disease. Consult a veterinarian for long term use of any dietary supplement.